Evan Kakouros

Evan Kakouros is the CEO of Avia Produce in Torquay.

Experiences: 14 years of growing flowers and tomatoes for Avia Produce and Torponic Flowers.      6 years working for Lynch Group in procurement, quality control and operations manager. 2 years working for a provedoring company buying fruit and vegetables in the Melbourne Markets.

Committee member of: WVVA (Western Victorian Vegetable Association), HFF (Hydroponic Farmers Federation) and as of December 2014 PCA board member.

Hobbies: Watching the real football (soccer). Go Liverpool!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to the gym. Socialising with friends and family. Also love to travel whenever possible. 

50 Messmate Road
Torquay, VIC, 3228
Mobile: 0477 889 487
Email: evan78@live.com.au